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Winter Fly Patterns- Griffith’s Gnat

The Griffith’s gnat is a midge pattern that is a great, reliable fly and a go-to fly that you should always have in your fly box. This is a good fly to fish behind another dry fly. As a very easy fly to tie, there is no reason why this favored fly shouldn’t be tied as long as you tie flies. You should always have a few Griffith’s Gnat with you on the river.

As I am learning to tie it has become clear that good quality videos are very helpful, especially if your teacher isn’t right there to ask. So instead of me putting self-written instructions of patterns, I thought I would refer you to videos since I am a beginner as well and these videos do a much better job showing the pattern instead of me trying to tell you.

This video of the Griffith’s Gnat is from Tightline Productions.

Zebra Midge from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.