Winter Midge Fishing – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Winter Midge Fishing

The midge fishing is starting to pick up here in Southwest Montana, and is always a nice change of pace after staring at a bobber for the last few months. If you can get out on some of the warmer days in the coming months, and are fortunate to get some cloud cover and minimal wind you should be able to find a few rising fish. Here are some of my favorite patterns for fishing the winter hatch.

The Griffiths Gnat

A simple fly that looks like a cluster of midges on the water, and easier to see than a single midge pattern.

The Buzzball

Pretty much a variation of a Griffiths Gnat with some orange mixed in, but for some reason seems to out fish the regular one on most days.

The Skittering Zelon Midge

A great single midge pattern that imitates and midge emerging from its shuck.

Jujubee Midge

A great fly to drop behind a Griffiths Gnat that will sink in the surface film and get the sippers.

The D-Midge

Similar to the Jujubee but with glass beads in the thorax that catch some light and get the trout’s attention