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Winter Weather Update | Bozeman Fly Shop

After checking the forecast this morning I realized that I might not be casting at trout and certainly not carp any time soon. Looks like it will be cold for as long as the weather predictions extend. Really cold. Sounds like we will be lucky to see one day with a high temperature above 27 degrees in the next 10 days. Accompanying the cold is snow, a lot of snow. I believe that fly tying and beer drinking will consume the majority of my spare time. I am ready for weather warm enough to fish in, hatches, wet wading, and more than anything catching carp. I have a while to wait for these things, causing me to feel the winter woes. In the mean time I will crack another beer while daydreaming about fishing in warm weather. Feel free to come into our Bozeman fly shop to pick up tying materials or just shoot the shit.