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Women and Fly-Fishing

(credits to Montana Office of Tourism)

I recently came across this picture and I can’t resist sharing it with you all. As a female angler myself this hit a few cords. I love that the women are fishing and the men are watching or standing guard on the banks. I just love that more and more females are picking up the artistic sport of fly fishing. I personally find it therapeutic to spend time in the outdoors hearing nothing but the continual noises of the ripples and waves of the river flowing by. I love working on the presentation and seeing a trout rise and gobble up my fly. I am not one of those that gets upset if I don’t catch anything or if I don’t catch a monster trout. I am not saying it is bad if you are that way but I enjoy it ALL so much that if the fishing is poor I can still enjoy the other aspects of the experience.

I grew up in CO fly-fishing with my Pops. I am the last of 5 kids and was the only one (at that time) that fished, I treasured those moments with just my father and I. We would pack dinner and often stay out past dark fishing the local streams and lakes, which was a big deal for me as a kid. As I got older the times fishing got fewer as I got more involved with other team sports. And then I moved to Bozeman…

Bozeman and the surrounding area is the place to fly-fish. I had never experienced fly-fishing like this, ever. I had never fished from a boat and as soon as I did that’s all I wanted to do. As long as I didn’t have to deal with getting snagged in a tree or bush on the banks that was fine by me. This is when I got a bit of an attitude and starting to care if I caught a fish or the size of it. I am happy to say that I have lost that. Now that I have returned to the area I am finding myself fully emerged in the fly-fishing industry. I feel fortune that my friend, Toby, gave me a job in his fly shop and am really enjoying it. I enjoy meeting all the guides and local avid anglers. I am proud to represent the best fly shop in town, in my opinion. And I thoroughly enjoy meeting people from around the world that came here to fly-fish and talking to customers about fishing. I will be the first to tell you that I do love fly-fishing but I don’t live for it. I have fished my whole life but I don’t claim to be the best or even an expert. It is continual learning game and there is always a challenge with fly-fishing and that is what I love about the sport, and as I mentioned before just simply being outdoors in beautiful country. What I do not love about the fly-fishing industry is the big-headed attitudes that some anglers carry. I bet you know what I am talking about… that individual that knows everything and you know nothing. Or the mentality that some individuals, regardless of skill level, are not worthy to fish these prized rivers. I have heard that some fly shops in town are short or unwilling to provide fishing information for fear of sharing too much and revealing the best spots or flies. I personally think these paradigms have a negative influence on the industry. One of my biggest issues is when men think that women can’t/shouldn’t fish and that they know nothing when they come across a female angler. Now I will say that I think this perspective is rapidly dissipating and it’s more uncommon that not but there are still some out there. It disappoints more and more every time I come across this sort. I am impressed with the number of female anglers that I have met and seen on the river, and I love that it is growing. So, if you are one of those that carries a negative attitude I say step down from that pedestal you think you are on and lose the ‘tude. You aren’t doing anyone any good including yourself and you sound and look like a jerk. And to all you women out there that have any degree of interest in fly-fishing I say go for it, it is totally worth every effort you put in, in my opinion.