Xander’s Top 5 Favorite Gallatin Summer Dry Flies | Upstream – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Xander’s Top 5 Favorite Gallatin Summer Dry Flies | Upstream

Xander is one of the new young guns in the shop this year. Although still in school, this young buck has fished more places, caught more species and is more travelled than most anglers many times his age. His family has a house on the Gallatin River where he can be found most nights harassing trout on dry flies. Here are some of his favorite dry flies for the summer season on the Gallatin.

5. Purple Parawulff
This fly is great for fishing mayfly hatches in softer water or for when you aren’t sure what they are eating but you do know that they are eating something on the surface. The duel parachutes allows the angler to see the fly better without affecting the fly presentation.

4. Spruce Almighty
There is nothing better than a good spruce moth hatch. The fish seem to be less tentative to the spruce moth hatch than any other hatch and the Spruce Almighty seems to fool ever fish I encounter.

3. Yellow Humpy
This fly has a funny name but it works seriously well on the Gallatin. The Yellow Humpy is great for fishing in between hatches as an attractor pattern or during a yellow sally hatch. When nothing is working putting on a Yellow Humpy should produce some hits.

2. Pink Chubby
If you have fished in Montana chances are you have fished a chubby before. Sometimes though the fish can get accustomed to them after seeing them all summer long. One thing you don’t see a lot of on the water is people throwing pink Chubbies. This makes the Pink Chubby a little more appealing to me because they will work as well as other Chubbies but for much longer into the summer.

1. Tan E/C Caddis
Caddis hatches are whole bunch of fun, but most people throw elk hair caddis exclusively and never touch a fly like the Tan E/C Caddis. That’s ok with me because I can go to a spot on the Gallatin with the E/C and know that there is almost no chance anyone has used that fly all week. I will admit that this fly is I bit harder to see, but I will gladly sacrifice visibility for a boatload of trout.