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Xmas Shopping Made Easy

Ok, I was wondering the local Gallatin Valley Mall last night with my wonderful wife as we had a few hours to kill thanks to our 6yr. old son’s winter carnival event at the school. Though I saw some stuff that I’d pick up for a acquaintance or two, the reality is that most people in my life fish and thus a fishy gift just seem a whole lot more appropriate than a pair of lacy underwear, a basket of stinky soap, or even some fancy slippers! Ideas came to me quickly as I tagged along through the perfume section at Macy’s…

For the Beer Drinking Angler, nothing says, “I’m a badass” more than having a Hatch Bottle Opener always at hand and it’s one of those little gizmos that always makes for a great stocking stuffer.

As sad as it is to admit, our Smartphone goes everywhere with us, any angler wants to show some love for the fish we chase whether on the stream, flats, or in the cubicle at work. Help your angler, or yourself, step up their electronic game this year with one of these covers of awesomeness…burn their little belt holder over an open fire!

Lose the glitter covered Holiday Cards this year and spread that Holiday Cheer with some very cool cards from Derek Deyoung that will have your well wishers mesmerized for hours as they work to identify all these bugs. Plus, you’ll rest assured knowing that the lucky recipient of these Holiday Cards will think of you with cheer next year when they tie a Yuk Bug on their line for the first time!

No, that’s not chastity belt for your college student living out west! This is one crazy nice fleece lined hand warmer, perfect for the Steelheader or any cold weather fishing addict on your list. Give the gift of fuzzy warmth this Holiday Season from Patagonia.

Seriously now, how many times can we submit our loved ones to those Holiday classics this year? We’re not suggesting to turn them off altogether, but maybe slip this DVD in half way through the 4th viewing of the Sound of Music and watch those glassy eyes of family and friends liven up once again!

We have shop full of great gifts for the angler on your list, shop online if you prefer or stop in and see us over the next couple of weeks…bring your own Egg Nog!