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Yellow Sally Sightings on the Lower Madi

Yellow Sallies have been spotted on the Madison. This is a great sign for stone fly obsessed dry fly fisherman. Hucking big, leggy, foamy patterns is some peoples preferred method of dry fly fishing. How can you blame them though? A fly that never sinks and super aggressive surface eats from big trout doesn’t sound so bad. The yellow sally provides us with a brief look at what is to come. A very good warm up to get our casting arms ready to turn over fat flies centimeters from the bank. Get your hook sets dialed now because the real deal will follow in no time. Golden stones and salmon flies are right around the corner and when these hatches get going you do not want to be the guy in the front of the boat missing fish after fish. This time of year also represents the start of big dry dropper rigs. Foam followed by large stonefly nymphs attempting to crawl onto the bank. Now that these stones have been spotted fish will be up on them in no time. Here are a few of our Bozeman fly shops favorite yellow sally patterns to trick the largest pickiest trout on the Lower Madison.

Yellow Sallies

Iron Sally Kyle's BH Yellow Sally

Left to right, top to bottom in the photos above the flies are as follows: the Chubby Sally Yellow, the Yeager’s Neversink Yellow Sally, the Yellow Sally Twisted Baby, Iron Sally, and lastly Kyle’s Beadhead Yellow Sally (the nymphs are shown a second time due to how blurry they are in the first photo). Try fishing these bugs as a dry dropper rig for increased success on the Lower Madison.