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YNP Trout Lake is Open

Finding clean water during run off time can be hard sometimes. One of the hardest places to find clean water this time of year is in Lamar Valley. One of my favorite places out that way is trusty Trout Lake. As luck would have it Trout Lake just opened to fishing June 1st.

The fishing on Trout Lake can be absolutely spectacular. The lake is packed full of Scuds and Sow Bugs as well as Midges and Callibaetis Mayflies and Leeches. Trout Lake was used as kind of a hatchery to produce trout for the restaurants in the Park years ago. The lake just above Trout is called Shrimp Lake and is fishless but is basically a shrimp hatchery to feed the fish in Trout. In addition to the hatches mentioned, a person can sight fish to dozens of Cutthroat Trout and the occasional giant Rainbow, with an assortment of Dry Flies especially Beetles and Flying Ants on almost any given day from now till the snow starts falling.

Trout Lake is just a short uphill walk from the NE Entrance Road just a couple miles from the Entrance and is well worth the walk. In addition to the fishing, there are a ton of very cool birds with lots of colors, Otters, Buffalo, Elk, Bears and Wolves giving opportunities for the photo of a lifetime.