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Fall Fly Fishing

Fall Fishing Fall is a great time to fish here in Montana. Summer tourist season winds down and gone are the crowds of summer. Brown Trout become aggressive, and fall Baetis hatches bring fish to the surface. Mid to late September is when the first big cold fronts come down out of Canada. This is about the time that most people quit fishing for the season, and when the Brown Trout are triggered to get ready for the spawn.

Overcast days make for the best fishing during fall. Trout are less spooky and are more willing to chase after food. Fall Baetis hatches can make for some fantastic dry fly action on cloudy days. Of course, the unpredictable weather can have a negative effect at times. A sudden large drop in temperature will put the fish down until they adjust, and you must be prepared to fish in cold weather.

Brown Trout will become increasingly hostile towards anything that gets in their way. The shorter days and colder nights get them in the mood for love, and they don’t want anything coming near their spawning beds. They will often chase after any small fish that comes near them, so streamer patterns will really get their attention. Baetis are the predominant hatch during fall, and the best dry fly action is to be had on overcast days.

Fall is a great time to fish if you are looking to escape the busy season, and don’t mind fishing in adverse weather conditions. There aren’t a steady hatches or warm weather of summer, but having the river to your self can be worth it. If you like stripping large streamers for big Brown Trout then this is definitely the time of year for fly fishing in Montana.