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Fins & Feathers Drops ELOG

After nearly 20 years of participating in the Orvis Endorsed Lodges, Outfitters, and Guides program (known as ELOG), Fins & Feathers has declined to renew membership as of 01/10/2020. This program is a paid marketing partnership with Orvis and we were recognized as the 2010 Orvis Endorsed Outfitter of the Year. We are grateful for our years of participation in ELOG but have reached the decision that the $4400 annual fee is better spent elsewhere at this time.

This decision did not come easily, but in the end, it is based on the reciprocal value we assign to all partnerships.

Simply put, we no longer felt that Orvis was putting as much into their end of the ELOG partnership as Fins & Feathers. Here are a few key points that led to the decision by Fins & Feathers to no longer participate in the ELOG program.

  • Poor website referrals
  • Poor referrals from Orvis Corporate stores
  • Our representative has not done an inspection visit since 2005
  • The program has been diluted by significant increases in membership
  • Orvis added another Outfitter designee in Bozeman for 2020 AND asked that we continue on with the ELOG program despite this departure from the norm.
  1. Typically, each class of endorsement is limited to one per drainage (they’ve never had two Outfitter Designations in one drainage in Montana)
  2. We were told that there would be no new additions to ELOG for 2020, but shortly thereafter informed that the other Bozeman outfitter is moving their level of designation, so “technically” that is not considered a new addition to the program.
  3. We had a working agreement in place with Orvis through 2019 to ensure exclusivity, they chose to opt-out of this in the spring of 2019 rather than letting the agreement run its course before making changes.

Moving forward, Fins & Feathers will continue to offer, service, and support the full lineup of Orvis products in our Bozeman fly shop.

Our guide and outfitting service will continue as is, but we will no longer advertise ourselves as an Orvis Endorsed Outfitter. Our guides will no longer be required to offer our guests Orvis’ rod and reels for use on guided trips. Some of our guides will continue to fish with Orvis products as they like and believe in these products. Other guides will be representing the brands and partnerships that they feel bring the most value to our customers and anglers in general.

We are proud to be a truly independent fly shop and fly fishing outfitter in Bozeman, Montana. Supporting the companies that invest in our natural resources and bring innovation to the fly fishing experience is the core mission of Fins & Feathers.