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Fly Shop Careers

Fly Shop Staff

We are currently accepting applications for part and full-time retail sales positions. Ideally, we are looking for outgoing candidates with local fly-fishing experience and a basic familiarity with modern gear/techniques of regional significance. Previous retail experience in the fly-fishing or outdoor industry is helpful, but not required. We invite anglers of all skill levels to apply for these positions - there is no need to feel like you have to check the "expert box" to apply!

  • Part-time positions are 20-30 hours a week spread across 2-3 shifts a week.
  • Full-time positions are 30-40 hours a week spread across 4-5 shifts a week.
  • We offer competitive wages, dependent on an applicants experience and availability
  • Starting wages vary between $12-$18 an hour depending on availability, experience, and seasonal commitments: generally speaking, someone with previous fly shop experience that is available April - October and can work 4-5 days has the highest income potential. Part-time applicants with minimal industry experience, that are only available a few hours a days, 2-3 days a week will be at the lower end of the wages spectrum.
  • Email cover letter and resume to

Guide Staff

We are looking to add a handful of core guide staff members for the 2022 season here in the Bozeman area. Applicants must have several years experience rowing on the waters around Bozeman including the Yellowstone and Madison (upper and lower) rivers in a drift boat. Our guides are independent contractors and required to be licensed by the Montana Board of Outfitters, carry their own liability insurance, have commercial vehicle coverage, and have their own vehicle/boat/trailer/gear packages. In order to be considered for a core-guide position, candidates must have open availability from July 1 - September 30, 2022 at time of application. First-time guides are welcome to apply following completion of Fins & Feathers Guide School in spring 2022 (email us for more information). All licensed guides are invited to be included in our "pool" for consideration as overflow candidates if the core-guide program is not for you. Please note that 95% of our trips are float trips, so please don't apply if your focus is on wade trips.

Benefits of being a Fins & Feathers Core Guide

  • Preferential scheduling and trip assignment
  • Progressive pay scale that increases compensation as the number of days on the water increases throughout the season
  • Access to best in class industry discounts on gear and travel from key partners
  • Competitive In-Store discounts on flies and tackle
  • Bi-monthly direct deposits upon successful invoice submission
  • The highest level of expert logistical support available in Bozeman.
  • Email cover letter and resume to

Support Staff

Interested in a part-time, mostly remote job in the fly-fishing industry in 2022? We are hiring support staff to help coordinate our outreach events which include guided trips, schools, classes, and Fly Fish truck events. The ideal candidate will have exceptional organizational and communication skills. The primary responsibility is to act as a liaison between the fly shop, guides, and our customers to ensure that our lines of communication are open and efficient. Typical daily duties will involve administering the assignments of guided trips and coordinating logistical communications between guides and clients. In addition, this administrative role will work closely with our Outreach Director to coordinate staffing needs with a variety of events and classes throughout the year.

  • Seasonal, part-time employment (flexible hours and scheduling)
  • Non-traditional hours (afternoon & early evenings in the summer)
  • Applicant needs to be "web-savvy" as we work on multiple platforms for reservations and back-end communications
  • Email cover letter and resume to

Outreach Associate

If you are passionate about sharing the enjoyment of fly fishing with beginners and other anglers getting into the sport, this is the job for you. This position will be full-time and seasonal with the possibility of extending into a year round occupation. We are hiring an outreach associate as a two-faceted role. The first aspect will be to help teach our fly fishing classes such as the free fly fishing 101 class and our $25 Foundations of Fly Fishing course. The second aspect is running FlyFishTruck events, including transportation of the truck, setup, and tear down. Applicants must be comfortable with the basics of fly fishing knots, fly casting, flies, and aquatic entomology, while being able to explain techniques using easily understandable terminology. It is preferred that candidates have exceptional communication skills along with the ability to comfortably talk in front of groups as large as 30. The outreach associate will work closely with our outreach director and fly shop staff to ensure smooth operation of classes and events throughout the summer.

  • Seasonal, full-time employment (flexible hours and scheduling)
  • Non-traditional hours (mornings for classes, evenings and nights for events)
  • Applicants must have above average casting skills and be competent in teaching and a fast learner
  • Email cover letter and resume to