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The Flyfish Truck hatched as an idea in mid-2017 while looking at potential locations for a second retail store in Bozeman. Although there is no place that feels more like home to us than 4-Corners, our friends, neighbors, customers, and even ourselves all live elsewhere in the Gallatin Valley. We wondered if we were missing the opportunity to better serve our loyal base of customers with all of this rapid growth.

As we delved deeper into the process, the picture became fuzzy and put us either here or there – but not where we wanted to be. The Cannery district is awesome, we love the MSU area, downtown Bozeman is uniquely vibrant, the “blighted” northside feels more like home than anywhere and the New West is fly too. We thought of all of our friends in Belgrade, could we be there too or instead? Our heart still looks to Sir Scott’s for a fine steak and we even wondered about Manhattan too. So many areas of the Gallatin Valley are vibrant, happening, and home these days!

We scratched our heads, stared at the water (some strike indicators too), and began the process of elimination. Fly fishing is no longer a sport reserved for the fringes. Fly fishing is fun, free to participate in, and a whole lot easier than most people realize. We looked for ways to bring this idea to fruition while reaching new anglers without isolating the avid locals.

The Flyfish Truck is our answer to the riddle of where, when, and how when it comes to spreading the love for fly fishing in the Gallatin Valley. We can see our friends on the South Side, cast with kids in Manhattan, teach the basics of fly fishing to the new arrivals on the West Side, and even run around the river a few days here and there. We will be here, there, and over there too. Stay tuned for the specifics!

Our underlying theme in everything we do is to make fly fishing fun and accessible to everyone that wants to take it on. Sure, we hope that we do this well enough so that you come to see us time and time again to get the gear and information as well. We are passionate about the sport and the wild places that we have come to cherish through the sport.

The truth is we need more people to cherish these places - and access to them – than ever before. Nothing out there can make you care about cold clean water than the feeling of that water rushing around your legs while tight to a running trout. We are doing our best to share our expertise in an engaging and fun way, so please join us as we move on to new places starting in 2020.

The Flyfish Truck is our learning hub for all of our FREE Fly Fishing Classes. These two-hour classes are a great way to learn how to cast a fly rod and gain knowledge about the basics of fly fishing gear, flies and entomology. Learn more about Free Fly Fishing and our other clinics right here.

We wouldn’t have been here for 20 years without your support, so thank you and we look forward to seeing you all in new places.

2022 Events

Foundations of Fly Fishing: April 10 - October 23

Fly Fishing 101April 10 - October 23

Headwaters Book Tour: June 21

Music on MainJuly 7 - August 11

Cruisin' on Main: August 21