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Foundations of Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Basics

There is no place better than Bozeman, Montana when it comes to fly-fishing for wild trout. Although the sport can seem intimidating and complex at first glance, people are always amazed by how quickly they can get going on their own after an hour or two of basic instruction. We have developed an introductory fly-fishing class that is FUN and EFFECTIVE in helping participants build a solid foundation in the sport.

The Foundations series focuses on the fundamentals of the sport

  • Basics of rigging and setup
  • Casting Demonstrations
  • Dryland and water casting (location dependent) instruction
  • Proper fish fighting and handling techniques
  • Basic Entomology
  • Introduction to the essential knots used in fly fishing
  • Overview and introduction to the essential gear and equipment

Schedule 2022

Additional Information

The Fins & Feathers’ Foundations fly fishing class is available year-round, with a heavy emphasis on the spring and summer months. Classes are taught at a variety of locations around Bozeman including city parks, breweries, public landmarks, and many of our Fly Fish Truck events too. A complete listing of dates and locations can be found at our online Event Schedule.

These classes are $25 and reservations can easily be made online. Class duration is typically 2 hours in length (generally start at 10:00am) and is limited to 5 participants per session. No fishing license is required. Children under 12 are welcome to attend while accompanied by a parent. The use of rods and reels is included with the class, but you are welcome to use your own as well.

Simply email our Outreach Director to inquire about availability or to reserve a spot. Or register online right here. Reservations for this $25 class can easily be made from our Facebook Events page. These are extremely popular, so please notify us in advance if your plans change as we often have a waiting list for many dates. Private classes are available for groups of 10, please inquire directly with our Outreach Director for details and pricing.