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Three-Person Guided Fly Fishing Trips

We often get asked about adding a third person to a guided trip with one of our Bozeman fly fishing guides. Our standard guide trip rate for full-day ($550) or half-day ($425) bookings applies to 1 or 2 anglers. The reasons that we do this are many; this is the most common pricing structure that is used by Montana fly fishing outfitters.

The guide is first and foremost responsible for ensuring safety throughout a trip and keeping a careful eye on three or more anglers can be quite the challenge while wading one of our larger rivers. The boats that we fish out of are designed to hold two anglers and the guide, who sits in the middle and rows while offering instruction. Safety, quality of the experience and equipment designs are why most outfitters limit the standard guide trip to a maximum of two anglers.

Most of our guides would prefer not to do this option at all, so it something that we evaluate on a case by case basis (email our Bozeman fly shop with requests). There simply isn’t any room for 3 anglers and a guide to comfortably spend the day on a drift boat or raft, so someone has to sit on a cooler. Also, only two anglers can fish at a time while in a boat, so someone has to sit and watch. Overall, we don’t think it is a good experience and generally discourage folks from booking three person trips.

The rate to add a third person is $350 and availability is limited. Ideally, our guests will try to find a fourth person or just book a second guide for a three-person party.

Having a “solo” experience is a great way to quickly pick up the basics or improve your fly fishing skills. Also, we generally fish close to one another on group trips and it’s easy to switch anglers between boats so that everyone gets a chance to fish together as well.