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G Loomis IMX-PRO 486

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G.Loomis IMX-PRO 486

The G. Loomis IMX-PRO 486-4 strikes that perfect balance of power for those long technical shots in the wind with enough finesse to protect delicate tippets and tiny dry flies. Headhunters: this rod is for you.


So often, mid-price point rods are considered down-scaled products with less-than-premium components, built for the sake of product spread. While there’s no doubt offering product in different price categories allows the industry to reach a diverse consumer base, so often these products are just that… A price point for the sake of price. G.Loomis wanted to buck that trend with the IMX-PRO series of single-hand rods.

IMX-PRO represents the new direction of G. Loomis in both product positioning and esthetics. The catch phrase “Purpose Driven Design” is more than a clever marketing angle. –It’s a mission statement that inspired development of this new family of $495 rods. Beyond the price point lies ten models that are built with specific fishing situations and challenges in mind.

These powerful actions where influenced by shops, guides and reps within the Loomis tribe to specifically answer the demands of modern fishing techniques. In addition to the superb flex patterns,GLoomis’ chief rod designer Steve Rajeff used a new marriage of scrim material and resin called Conduit Core Technology in order to find the perfect balance between performance and durability. –In short, they wanted these fishing tools to withstand the punishment dealt out by serious anglers and industry professionals.

Fast/Freshwater Action

Actions built to crush performance requirements of modern trout fishing techniques. An ultra-stable, positive tip precisely delivers wind resistant hopper/dropper combos, weighted streamers, and beefy indicator rigs. Ideal for fisheries where menacing wind is an everyday possibility. Models: IMX-PRO (Line #: 4-6)


Conduit Core Conduit Core® Traditionally, as the blank diameter increases, so does the total amount of material used. This was the only way of ensuring strength/durability in the bottom half of the rod. Conduit Core technology removes excess wraps of graphite and replaces them with a proprietary material that’s of equal strength, but dramatically lighter in weight. Casters exert less energy to move the rod, increasing the efficiency of total energy required to manipulate the line when casting, mending, and animating flies.

  • High-modulus graphite construction
  • Balanced swing weight + incredible durability
  • Multi-Taper Design reinforces potential stress points within the blank while reducing unnecessary graphite material

G.Loomis Limited Lifetime Warranty

G. Loomis rods are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against non-conformities in workmanship and materials for the life of the original owner. GL push poles, Venture (Adventure) fly reels, and GL fly rod outfits are covered against non-conformances in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Premier Rods (PMR) are covered against non-conformances in workmanship and materials for a period of two years from date of purchase. Demo rods are not covered under warranty. Sales receipt or proof of purchase required.

G. Loomis will inspect the rod to determine if the breakage was due to workmanship or material non-conformance.
For breakage determined to have occurred due to non-conformance, G. Loomis will at the companies’ discretion, either repair or replace the product at no charge.

Breakage deemed to be the result of normal wear and tear, accident or neglect will, at the companies’ discretion, be repaired or replaced for a specific fee. A full estimate will be provided for your approval before any fees are levied.


G. Loomis Xpeditor Service
(Limited to US and Canada)

G.Loomis' "Xpeditor Service" is a no-fault, no questions-asked, service program designed to get our customers back on the water quickly without worrying about who's at fault.  If you broke the rod accidentally or are just uncertain as to whether the damage is covered under warranty, the Xpeditor Service gives you a replacement rod at a very fair price, quickly and easily.

To execute an Xpeditor claim, just call the customer service department at G.Loomis (1-877-577-0600) and tell them you have a damaged rod that you'd like to "Xpedite" They will need a credit card to charge the service fee to, along with a shipping address to send you a replacement rod. You will receive a new rod within a few days, depending on product availability. Any rods currently out of stock will be replaced as they become available.   Simply remove the new rod from the package, place the damaged rod back in the same package. There will be a pre-paid, pre-addressed return label provided inside the package.  Just place this return label over the existing label on the package and either hand it back to the driver or take it to the nearest FedEx location for shipment back to G.Loomis. If we don't receive the broken rod within 30 days of receipt of the replacement rod, your credit card will be charged for the full retail price of the new rod.

There are several levels of performance in the G.Loomis rod line-up and understandably, different price points, depending on materials, components and design elements.

COST:(US Only)
Ground Shipments
$75 Fee USD - Regular graphite, GL2, GL3, IM6
$100 Fee USD – GL4, IMX, GLX, NRX, all blends not identified by Material type
$250 Fee USD - Asquith Fly Rods

2nd Day Air, Alaska or Hawaii shipments
$100 Fee USD - Regular graphite, GL2, GL3, IM6
$125 Fee USD – GL4, IMX, GLX, NRX, all blends not identified by Material type
$275 Fee USD - Asquith Fly Rods

COST: (Canadian)
Ground Shipments
$130 Fee Canadian - Regular graphite, GL2, GL3, IM6, E6X 
$180 Fee Canadian – GL4, IMX, GLX, NRX, Pro 4X, all blends not identified by Material type
$375 Fee Canadian - Asquith Fly Rods

Please Note:

Rods no longer available will be replaced with the closest like model/material.  Demo rods, Premier rods, kit rods are not covered by the Xpeditor Service.



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