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Hatch Iconic Large Arbor Fly Reel

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Hatch Iconic Fly Reel - Large Arbor

There’s nothing like a Hatch Reel – they last forever, stand up to years of neglect, and feature the best drag out there. When people ask why they should buy a Hatch, the response is typically “Why Wouldn’t You Buy a Hatch?” We stock Hatch Reels in the Large Arbor configuration as it's the lightest and most popular version of their reels. We are happy to special order any colors/size combinations that we don't typically stock, as well as Mid-Arbor options.

NOTE - This is a much anticipated new release that was originally scheduled for the spring of 2020, but significantly delayed due to COVID and its impact on the Hatch Factory located in southern California. Supplies will be limited for the foreseeable future, we encourage you to pick up one of these reels whenever you have the chance. We suggest putting a specific color/size on order with us if it's not currently available - lead times will be lengthy and you are unlikely to find these readily available until 2023. Place the order and we will get you the reel as soon as they become available - no need to pay until we ship the reel for you. Order via email at info@finsandfeathersonline.com and we will contact you for confirmation.

The new Hatch Iconic retains much of the styling long associated with the brand, yet is packed with new innovations and design, resulting in another timeless classic that will quickly become everyone’s favorite Hatch Reel. 


  • New Look - The Iconic Reel retains the now ‘Iconic’Hatch window pattern with 6 fins, recalling the original Finatic model. Instantly identifiable and classic, the Hatch look is simply Iconic. However, the reels were due for a style upgrade that can be seen in the shape of the drag knob - which brings depth - and the ‘H’ brand logo. Hatch now use a bright dip finishing that brings out the shine of the machined parts while also keeping the strong coloring of matte anodize. 
  • Reel Seat - The first and now one of the only reel manufacturers to make the reel body out of one piece. It is an expen­sive way to produce the reel but has the advantage of never having a reel seat loosen up due to galvanic corrosion. For the Iconic, Hatch reshaped the reel seat for a more contemporary look.
  • New Seals - Through better design and concentricity, Hatch increased sealing by eliminating water entry points through subtracting superfluous components from past models.
  • Improved Stability -The Iconic reel does not utilize a cassette to house the drag system as in past models - in­stead, it is now built into the body. This has decreased axial runout which creates a more stable and solid design.
  • New Drag Material - A new carbon-filled drag material not only dissipates heat faster but also creates a smooth­er feel. This is the smoothest Hatch drag system to date.
  • New Spool Design – A newly ported spool arbor allows lines to dry better on the reel after use - think of it as ventilation
  • Hew Handle - The new handle design significantly reduces the risk of galvanic corrosion. While Hatch retained the aluminum handle, it now has a softer look and feel.


Hatch products are carefully inspected to assure product consistency and quality, and are guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the product by its original owner. Please register your repairs online to get the process started. Then print the repair confirmation and manually write in your name and phone number in the indicated fields and send it along with your defective product when you ship it to the address on the confirmation. 

NOTICE: Please take care when packaging reels/other goods before shipping. Hatch Outdoors, INC is not responsible for items damaged during shipping. 


Register your new reel online for superior warranty service, you have 60 days from date of purchase to register your new reel.


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