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Olive Double Gonga 4X4

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This pattern had been in a constant state of alteration for many years. But, for Charlie, it is now finished. It started as a Matuka meets Wooly Bugger. But the finished Gonga has well thought out features: *Bugger tail of dense marabou, but a fuller wrapping of schlappen for greater profile and motion in the water. *Lead eyes on the underside of the hook to ensure it rides hook down. Charlie would rather occasionally hang up on the bottom than brain trout with a fly riding hook up. It's easier on the fish. *To give this fly an underwater sound signature, Charlie stayed away from a deer hair head. Such flies push water, but also cause it to be too buoyant. Using the soft craft fur or Polar Fibre for the head of this fly turned out to be just the solution. By placing the butt ends of these fibers into a dubbing loop, Charlie could create a thick, flowing chenille that could easily be shaped with scissors, wrapped in and around the lead eyes and would sink like a rock, yet shed water on the back cast. Charlie fishes the Gonga with a nine foot 0X leader attached to the end of a floating fly line, preferring the combination of a floating line and a long leader when fishing a heavily weighted fly. Typically, the retrieve length from the boat is relatively short, so using a sinking line is not necessary. I always cut the level tippet section from the mono leader and replace it with a high quality fluorocarbon tippet, as I find the flouro holds up much better to the abrasion caused by rocks, bank side brush and tree limbs. And always attach the fly with a loop knot. When a fish grabs the fly, just keep on stripping the fly with long hard strips to drive the hook into his mouth. Lifting the rod pulls the fly up at an angle and almost guarantees a missed strike. It is imperative to strip strike, keeping the rod tip pointed at the fly and the line drawing tight with each strip.


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