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Tan Redfish Scampi 1

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"The Redfish Scampi came about through the prodding of a few good friends who said that through the success of the Bonefish Scampi it would only make sense to follow that fly up with a version for redfish. After tinkering a little with color the Redfish Scampi was put to the test down in the Ten Thousand Islands of Florida. I handed out a bunch of them to a few guys and the results were ,not surprisingly, very positive. What was so interesting were the pictures of anglers sending me back photos of redfish, sea trout, snook, jacks, black drum, mangrove snapper, ladyfish, sheepshead and pompano. Any gamefish that eats shrimp will surely eat a Redfish Scampi. Tied in two color ways (tan and rust) the Redfish Scampi can be fished in either clean or tannic water. Use the dark color for dark water and the lighter color for clear water. The fly's success is clearly defined by the materials used. Rabbit is still one of my favorite materials that breathes and moves in the water creating a lifelike appearance either when retrieved or when at rest. The supple craft fur wing allows this fly to move without restriction and helps add length giving it an appearance of a larger shrimp like imitation."-Signature Tyer Henry Cowen


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