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Shilton CR Series Fly Reel

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CR Series – Ultra Large Arbor Freshwater

The newest reel in the Shilton freshwater line up is the CR series, which is available in CR2-CR4 for line weights 3 to 8. The super large arbor design offers rapid, yet smooth line retrieval and less line memory. Apart from the CR4, this series has the same drag design as the CL and CK. The CR4 has the same technical design features as the other CR sizes but has been increased in size and surface area offering more drag for those larger freshwater species. The CR4 is proving to be popular amongst anglers who are targeting tigerfish, bass and large Salmonoid species with 7 and 8 weight rods. The CR reels have a contemporary design without sacrificing function or rugged durability.

Although the CR range has a super large arbor and naturally looks bigger than their freshwater cousins they are perfectly balanced with their recommended line weights and are lighter than the CK range. The line retrieval, both incoming and outgoing, is silent. The CR series is currently available in black and titanium.

Model Diameter / Weight / Line weight / Backing
CR2 3,5” / 4,5oz / 3-4 / WF3 F + 65yd 20# / WF4 F + 55 yd. 20lbs
CR3 3,8” / 4,9oz / 5-6 / WF5 F + 155yd 20# / WF6 F + 110 yd. 20lbs
CR4 4,2” / 5,5oz / 7-8 / 7-8 / W75 F + 175yd. 30# / WF8 F + 150yd. 30lb

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