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Shilton SL Series Fly Reel

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Shilton SL Series Reel

The Shilton SL reel is the quintessential saltwater fly reel for the traveling angler. This is the reel of choice by the GT guides throughout the Indo-Pacific for its reliability, fish-stopping power, and simple design that allows for easy maintenance and in-field repairs. These unique reels are a great choice for traveling saltwater anglers, wherever their travel take them for any big game species. .

From Shilton

One Word: Drag. Shilton Reels undeniably have the best drag of any fly reels because they were designed with one thing in mind – to enable fly anglers to fight and catch the strongest, toughest saltwater and freshwater gamefish in the world.

Shilton Reels’ frames and spools are manufactured using top quality aluminum bar stock and the other components are machined from stainless steel. Polymers, carbon fiber, and cork are used to create the all-important clutch systems that take Shilton Reels’ drag to the next level and make We Stop Fish a reality.

When the very first saltwater SL reels were introduced to the market, they were an instant success. All major guiding operations and their guides, retail stores and the general fly fishing public began talking about a new reel designed and manufactured in South Africa at a very competitive price that was up to the task of handling harsh saltwater environments and tackle busting fish. That was sixteen years ago, and the SL range is still rated among the best.

Featuring a custom-processed cork disc drag, and the same high quality anodizing used for all the Shilton Reel ranges, the SL series quickly became the choice reel for many large guiding operations due to its simple and effective design. Constant use and time in the field is the only real test. Alphonse Fishing Company, Tourette, and Fly Leaders (to name just three) choose Shilton as their reel of choice.

Now available with an incoming and outgoing click, in black and titanium and in sizes SL4 to SL8 for line weights 5/6 to 14/16.

Shilton SL Reel Specifications


Our warranty is valid for the original owner only – i.e., it is not transferable – and is in effect only for products purchased through an Authorized Shilton Dealer. Shilton will determine if the product is covered under this warranty due to faulty material or workmanship. eBay® and any other similar auction or discount arenas do not carry any warranty.

For repairs not covered by the warranty, a quote will be provided upon request for approval before proceeding with any repair(s).

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