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Tenakara USA Tapered Nylon Line

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The tapered nylon tenkara line casts incredibly easily, has the highest visibility of any of our lines, and does a good job at staying off the water rather than sagging under the rod. It will be a staple in many tenkara anglers' kits, and is our new main recommendation for anyone getting started.

The tapered nylon line features a loop to girth-hitch to the rod tip, simplifying that connection. This line is available in two different lengths, 11'6" or 14'9". While the line can be cut, it is recommended to be fished at the designed lengths. The tapered nylon line is our most buoyant option and maybe the best choice for anglers whose situation or fishing style dictate some line be left on the water.

Length recommendations:
11'6" (3.5m) for the rods under 13ft in length and fishing small and mid-size streams.
14'9" (4.5m) for rods over 13ft, for fishing mid and large size streams, rivers and lakes and more open waters, and for anglers who desire a longer line even with shorter rods.

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