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Umpqua Flats Leader

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FLATS LEADER with Big Game Fluorocarbon Hand-tied Leader with Fluorocarbon Tippet This one of a kind saltwater leader has beencarefully tied by hand to insure superior knot strength in the face of aggressive strikes. It also features a long, powerful butt section to maximize energy transfer from fly line to fly. The Result: Long, quick, accurate casts with greater ease and confidence even in windy conditions! This rocket taper laughs at the wind. ABOUT UMPQUA SALTWATER NYLON LEADERS Our clear saltwater leaders give you unsurpassed strength and power in the toughest conditions. They’re made from the strongest most abraison-resistant material available and feature an extra long heavy butt section providing more power and accurate turnover in strong winds. All leaders are knotless and include a looped butt section. Use with Umpqua Saltwater Leader Material and Big Game Flurocarbon Tippet.

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