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Waterworks-Lamson Litespeed G5

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Waterworks-Lamson Litespeed G5

The fifth generation of the legendary Litespeed boasts a higher retrieve rate and narrower spool for improved line handling. An integrated drag cassette for a stiffer frame. And an ergonomic drag knob. A new version of our Hard Alox provides a more beautiful finish.  CNC machined from 6061 barstock aluminum and assembled in Boise, Idaho.


  • format: Large Arbor
  • materials: Machined 6061 Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • finish: Type II Anodize
  • US Made, Idaho Built

Waterworks-Lamson Litespeed G5 Reel Specification | Bozeman Fly Shop



We set out to engineer the best drag system possible: Zero start-up torque with adequate range. Smooth operation. Sealed from the environment. Reliable and maintenance free. Plus compact, light and technically simple. No sweat, right? We imagined a mechanical solution for a reel that probably seems obvious today:  storing line on a large-circumference spool supported by a lightweight frame. But typical drag systems of the time were based on flat counter-rotating discs. Counterproductive. It occurred to us that the same surface area of discs could be configured into a pair of matched cones machined with angular precision. This resulted in a significant reduction in the diameter of the assembly, making it small, light and easy to seal. We also found proprietary friction materials that produced 


Due to our proprietary conical drag, we set out to develop a distinct and efficient frame. The Power Arm frame design is a way of aligning the structural support for the spool along the primary load path. The primary load path for any fly reel runs from the center of the drag core to the reel foot. It’s logical to put most of the material along that load path. Any distribution of material not aligned with the primary load path will result in either a structure that’s too flexible—or heavier than it needs to be. The Power Arm design uses the least amount of material to achieve the maximum stiffness.



Another structural theme built into our reels: integrated counterbalance. Why hang a piece of hardware on a spool if there’s a simpler way? But simple isn’t always easier.  Our earliest spools required a fair amount of trial and error to build the precise bias into the spool to counter the weight of the spin knob. For us, the elegance of eliminating a component and then using the resultant asymmetry as part of the design made all the effort worth it. This simple, logical, but often difficult feature became essential to the personality of our reels.

The Making of a Waterworks-Lamson Reel from Waterworks-Lamson on Vimeo.


It’s that classic made in America story meets the wild, wild West. We make the magic happen from beautiful Boise, Idaho. Job perk: Just outside of city limits, Idaho contains more designated wilderness and wildlands than any other state in the lower 48—with over 100,000 miles of river.

Waterworks-Lamson reels are machined, assembled, and quality-controlled at our factory in Boise, Idaho. All of our machined reels—Cobalt, Force SL Series II, Arx, Litespeed Micra 5, Speedster, and Guru Series II— use components machined in the US. Liquid and Remix use components manufactured in both the US and overseas. All components integral to the drag system are manufactured in the US.

 US. Liquid and Remix use components manufactured in both the US and overseas. All components integral to the drag system are manufactured in the USA

Warranty, Repair & Maintenance

Our lifetime warranty is valid for any defect in material or workmanship for the original owner of a reel or rod. This warranty applies to parts and labor, but doesn’t cover damage due to misuse, improper maintenance, or modification. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement at our discretion, and repair parts or colors might not match the original reel. Put it back in our hands. We’ll get you a quick fix, so that you can get right back on the water.

Lamson-Waterworks Reel Warranty Procedure

Lamson-Waterworks Reel Maintenance and Operation

Waterworks_Lamson Maintenance Page 1Waterworks-Lamson Maintenance Page 2Waterworks-Lamson Maintenance Page 3

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