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Premier Rio Gold WF Fly Line

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The redesigned RIO Gold is the new standard for everyday fly-fishing for trout in the northern rockies. This line pairs well with modern fly rods that with super-fast actions as well as it does with our favorite spring creeks rods like the Sage Trout LL. Whether you are fishing in close or trying to hit that slow pod of risers at 70,' the Gold is a great all-around choice. Now with SlickCast, the new Gold is slicker and more durable than ever-before.

From RIO

Improved for 2020!! The RIO Gold has been the go-to trout line around the world for many years, and for a multitude of fly fishers. The line has a long head and back taper that give casters total line control and stability at range - whether casting or mending. The unique profile is designed to load a fly rod at close range, and has a front taper that delivers perfect presentation of flies between sizes #22 and #2. 

We have enhanced the performance of this wonderful trout line by building it with SlickCast - RIO's proprietary coating technology. SlickCast creates the slickest, most durable fly lines on the market. Lab tests show that lines built with SlickCast have the least amount of friction ever measured in a fly line. In addition, the line features MaxFloat Tip Technology, RIO's proprietary tip coating formula that floats more than twice as high as regular line tips, without any increase in diameter.

The RIO Gold is the ultimate all round, floating line for the trout fly fisher. 
  • Long head for ultimate casting control
  • Taper design to cast flies between #22 and #2
  • Built with RIO's exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast
  • EASYID printed markings for instant line identification


Taper Diagram

Rio Gold Taper Profile


Rio Gold Line Technologies

Rio SlickCast

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