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Orvis Hydros Fly Reel

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Orvis Hydros Reel

The fully sealed drag with stacked carbon and stainless steel disc washers is still one of the strongest in the industry, with zero start-up inertia. Matte type II anodized finish, standard large arbor size which balances better with lighter-weight fly rod, and yet still offers excellent retrieval rates and less line coiling than standard arbor reels. Refinement and improvement are the hallmarks of quality. Matte black with silver accents, matte silver with charcoal accents. Imported.


  • Refined, lighter weight large arbor fly reel 
  • Improved fully-sealed drag clutch bearing 
  • Radiused reel foot for kink-free leader protection
  • Ergonomically improved, easy to use drag knob 
  • Zero start-up inertia 
  • Excellent retrieval rates and less line coiling


Orvis Hydros Reel Specifications | Bozeman Fly Shop




Care & Maintenance

Your new Hydros Reel has been properly lubricated prior to shipping. The drag system is completely sealed and impervious to corrosive elements.It requires no additional maintenance. After the reel has been used in saltwater, or if it experiences excessive contact with dirt or sand, the spool should be removed from the frame and both parts should be rinsed with fresh water. Leanr more about the care and maintenance by viewing the comprehensive reel manual online.


We warranty our reels against defects in materials and workmanship. The Orvis lifetime warranty does not cover accidental breakage, breakage from abuse, or excessive wear and tear. Send your reel to Orvis for evaluation. You will be charged a $30 (£20) fee for reel service, which includes cleaning, lubrication, and return shipping. For reels repaired for defects in material or workmanship, you will not be charged.

In the US, please send your reel to:
Orvis; Overhaul Services; 4182 Main Street; Manchester, VT 05254
Email: Misc-Repair@orvis.com.

In the UK, please send your reel to:
The Orvis Company Inc., Clearwater House, Unit 28 North Way, Andover, Hampshire SP10 5RW
Email: reel_repair@orvis.co.uk.
Phone: 0333 400 4188.

Orvis also provides a reel overhaul service for maintaining or repairing your reel. You'll have your completely overhauled reel within two weeks.
Questions? Call to speak with a technical advisor, or use the convenient reel repair request form.


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